Hindu Gurus

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A Guru

Guru also called a Sadguru, is one,who is bliss incarnate, who bestows happiness, whose face is radiant with joy. His essential nature is knowledge. He is aware of his true self. He is the Lord of yogis, he is adorable, he is the physician who cures the disease of birth and death.

A Guru is one who removes the darkness of ignorance. Ignorance refers to ignorance of God or ignorance of the self and enabled you to attain self-knowledge.. In general term a Guru is a teacher, and Guru means "heavy" in Sanskrit. Thus the role of the guru is full of weight ,andit is very important for a followers.A right Guru can form a disciple's spiritual destiny.

A Guru has a big treasure of knowledge and a power of oration. a Guru introduces us with the importance and sanctity of our religion.A Guru introduces us with the Soul within ourselves.

A Guru sacrifices his whole life for the welfare of followers.without expecting any materialistic returns..Without a Guru,the life of a person is not complete.India is blessed with many such Gurus.

The tradition of accepting and following a guru is maximum adopted in Hindus .There are different type of followers.While some sacrifice years with their Guru.Some meet the Guru only once in the whole life. Some see the Guru only in visions and dreams.Some see through biographies (Guru Charitra)or pictures of the Guru.