Hindu Vrats, Religeous Observations

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Broadly speaking,Vrat means to accept some rules of restrictive discipline.In spiritual field,Vrat means to apply control over our sense organs,with a solemn vow to observe regulatory discipline.

Vrat is keeping some goal in mind, and making a resolution about it,as a special undertaking.Devotees refrain themselves from food and water,on the day of Vrat,to please the God.The fasting aspect of Vrat makes the mind strong and increases its firmness.

Vrat is a resolution with a special purpose in mind and a massive will power exists within such resolution.The rock steady Vrat and vows adds power to the internal consciousness and that is the reason,the followers of Vedic culture,influence upon their children such culture by performing the thread ceremony.

The word Vrat means to move near to the almoghty God.The devotees who observes a Vrat is called a Vrat-Dhari. Fasts of different Gods or Goddesses are observed on particular days.