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Krishna and his friends used to play near the river Yamuna and after getting thirsty they used to drink water of the river. Incidently, there lived in the river, a dreaded snake known as Kalia.

Kalia had made the river water poisonous. The friends of Krishna and cows fell sick after having the river water. Angry Krishna climbed a Kadamba tree near the river and dived into the river.

Krishna splashed into the water and made big noise, to challenge the serpent, kalia. Soon, the dreaded snake, Kalia serpent came up and grabbed Krishna with his coils and went back in to the water.

The news reached to all and the people from Vrindavana ran to the river, fearing that Krishna was in danger.Mother Yashoda started crying on knowing the news and feared that Krishna will land in truble.

To the surprise of the onlookers, Krishna started growing bigger and bigger in size, so that the serpent could not hold him. However, kalia serpent started breathing out terrible poison and smoke from his nostrils.

Krishna attacked him like an eagle exhausted him. Krishna further squeezed Kalia's heads due to which, the serpent started vomiting poison and blood and was about to die.

Soon, Kalia bowed down to Krishna after knowing his supremacy and prayed to forgive him. Krishna ordered kalia serpent to leave the river and go to the ocean.

Kalia serpent obeyed Krishna and left the River Yamuna. The people of vrindavana were dazed by the miracle of the Bal Krishna.


List of Legends

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