Wonderful Mouth of Krishna

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Miracles of Shri. Krishna

Once Balarama and other friends came to Krishna's mother, yashoda and complained to her that "Krishna eats clay while we are playing." the angry Yashoda immediately called Krishna and asked him whether it was rightly complained.

However,Krishna denied telling her that the friends were lying so that harass me and get shouting from mother. But, Yashoda was not convinced and insisted that he should open his mouth and show. Immediately, Krishna opened his mouth and Yashoda had a look inside his mouth.

To her surpsrise she saw the whole Universe, 'Vishwa', like sun, moon, planets, oceans, mountains etc.,and she also saw herself with krishna drinking milk on her lap. She thought she was dreaming but soon she came to know the truth and she embraced krishna and loved him.

One day Yashoda,the mother of Krishna, was making butter when Krishna was insisting for the breast feeding.But Yashoda ignored and went to the kitchen. Krishna got annoyed and broke down the butter-pot and took out the butter and fed to the monkeys.

Angry Yashoda started tying him to a wooden mortar.but the rope was falling short by few inches.Yashoda added more ropes but to her wonder the rope was falling short everytime.Finally Krishna changed his mind and allowed the rope to tie him.

After tying Krishna,Yashoda back to her work .After coming back, she did not find Krishna in the house and came out searching for him.Soon she observed that Krishna was crawling with the tied wooden mortar out of the house.

When he was trying to pass between two trees,the wooden mortar got stuck but to the surprise of the people around,the two trees fell down with a big sound of crash. Two demigods emerged from the trees and bowed down to Krishna for releasing them.The people from Vrindavana got to see the miracle of Krishna.