Lord - Indra

According to the hindu mythology,the Lord Indra is the king of the cosmic Gods,the Lord of Heaven,the God of War,Rainfall and Storms.Lord Indra is one of the supreme deities in RigVeda and a symbol of courage and strength.However,in the modern times,Indra is not given importance but the people worship the trinity Gods, Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva.

RigVedas mention him as a golden personality,having golden yellowish complexion,nails,beard and hair.His 'Vahan' ie carrier, is a four tusked huge,white elephant,called 'Airavat'.His weapon is 'Vajra' ie a thunderbolt and also a bow,hook and net.

His wife is Indrani and he is father of the great Mahabharat character Arjun(from Kunti). Indra is a heroic and armourous character as per the Puran.In the battles between the good and evil,Indra leads the forces such as Surya,the Sun;Agni the Fire;and Varuna,the Water.

Indra is the national god of the Vedic Indians.He is regarded as the guardian of the directions and represents the direction 'East'.Almost one fourth of the total number ie 250 hymns of the Rigvedas are dedicated to Indra.

Indra is referred to as "Vasava',cause he is the lord of the 'Vasus'.He was basically called 'Devendra',that is the King of the Devlok(Gods).And being the mighty one,he was referred to as 'Sakra'.The traditional Hindu texts refer to these name but the modern books refer to him as 'Indra'.

In the Vedic period, the number of gods was assumed to be thirtythree and Indra was their lord.On the one hand, according to tradition, Indra is the most powerful God.Indra has not taken human form.

The devotees believe that he is a cosmic god who blesses them with energy and dynamism.In the Vedas, he was approached not on the mental plane but the vital plane. He has a dynamic, warrior spirit.Indra gives dynamic force to those, who need it.

The planet Mars also has the same quality of dynamism like Indra,though there is some differance. Mars' can not supass Indra's height. Indra has illumination on the mental plane.but Mars does not even have everything that is on the vital plane.

The warrior after death reach to his kingdom which is graced by the celestial sages,rishis and kings.Indralok is entertained by the performances of the 'Apsaras' and 'Gandharvas'.

The Story of Gautam Rishi

Ahilya was the beatiful wife of the sage Gautm rishi. When Indra saw her,he had a desire to have a romance with her.Then Indra,in the guise of her husband, deceived her and had his way with her sucessfully.

On knowing this the Rishi cursed Indra,that his kingdom will land in disaster and his reign will come to an end.Due to this sin,his reign was disturbed very often.He was badly defeated by the son of demon king Ravana. Indra repented for his sin and pleaded to the Lord Brahma for getting liberated from the curse.On.Lord Brahma's request,Gautam rishi commuted his curse,given to Indra.

The 14 Indras

Manvantara, is the time period of rule of Manu(king of every era). 14 Manvantaras make one Kalpa,which is a one day duration for lord Brahma.Every Manvantara has one Indra.So,each Kalpa has 14 Indras.

The Markandeya Rishi,is believed to have a complete age of one Kalpa and a Puran dedicated to his his name is called "Markandeya Puran" ,which corresponds to the exact age of a human.

Manvatara Indra

01) Svayambhuva Yajna (Avatar of Vishnu)

02) Swarochish Vipaschit

03) Uttam Sushaanti

04) Taamas Shibi

05) Raivat Vibhu

06) Chaakshush Manojav

07) Shraaddhdev Purandar ( Indra today)

08) Savarni Bali

09) Daksha Saavarni Adbhut

10) Brahma Saavarni Shanti

11) Dharma Saavarni Vish

12) Rudraputra Saavarni Ritudhaama

13) Ruchi (Dev Saavarni) Devaspati

14) Bhaum (Indr Saavarni) Suchi

Indra Gayatri Mantra

From the protection and stopping any attack, intense worship is done to Indra by chanting this mantra.